Von Eusersdorff Classic Patchouli Balmy 100 ml


100 ml Eau De Parfum | Long Lasting | Gender Neutral

Von Eusersdorff introducing the new Classic Patchouli Balmy perfume, a soft sultry black patchouli fragrance. So exciting! Made in small runs in the old way of making perfume an intensive way, maturation and marcuration, is very important and done in a small factory in Grasse, France, for a long lasting result.

Long lasting, rich exotic woody blend of bergamot top notes and warm black patchouli. With middle notes of vanilla, tonka bean and sandalwood that bring many unforgettable memories.


Olfactive family: oriental woody
Top notes: bergamot
Heart notes: black patchouli
Base notes: vanilla, tonka bean, sandalwood